Sunday, February 3, 2013

Liebster Award

How surprise I am when I checked a comment in one of my posts. That was from Rizky Nindy Lestari. She said that she had put my blog in nomination of Liebster Award by her blog, Milk and Toast and Honey, one of my favorite blog to stalking. Really surprised and pleased! Thanks my cutie sistaa mbak Nindy!!! :*

Liebster Award and award rules
Bloggers award other up coming bloggers (with less than 200 followers) with the award. If ypu recieve the Liebster, you must tell: 11 things about your self. Answer the questions the nominating blogger asked to you. Nominate 11 new bloggers. Makes sure you notify the blogs you nominate.

11 things about my self
  1. I love yellow. My favorite color when I was child until now.
  2. I love simply fashion style.
  3. I hate house lizard sooo much!!!
  4. I really love music.
  5. I love writing. One of them wrote lyric for my own song.
  6. I do love singing. The lyric that I sing is actually my story too.
  7. I really wanna be a dentist. Like Tompi (He isn’t a dentist, just doctor, but he can be a musician too)
  8. I can’t far away from my handphone.
  9. In love with photograph. Especially taking a photo of model.
  10. I wear simpliest hijab. With my own simply style, of course.
  11. I have relax life with busy things to do.

Question from Milk and Toast and Honey

1.       What is your all time favorite hobby? (just mention one)
A: Singing!

2.       What was your favorite movie you ever watch? How old are you when you watched it?
A: Rattatouile, I’m in 16

3.       Is there any childhood dreams you’ve accomplished? If yes, what is it?
A: Nothings dream. From child I wanna be a doctor and now, I’m in proccess to get it.

4.       If you were a Hollywood star, who would you like to be? And why?
A: I don’t wanna be an Hollywood srtar. Who ever it was.

5.       What is your mood booster?
A: My God Allah, eat many food, and the song from SNSD-The Boys(English Version)

6.       What kind of music genre do you like?
A: Acoustic

7.       What makes you feel better in a gloomy days?
A: Sleep

8.       What song describes your feelings right now? Tell  me why. (just mention one)
A: Bruno Mars-The Lazy Song. Cause ain’t in good condition right now.

9.       Who inspire you? (in anything, just mention one)
A: My greatest father

10.   What is your favorite quotation? (just mention one)
A: Do it, don’t think so about how hard you get it done.

11.   Where is the first place you meet with your bestfriend(s)?
A: SMP Negeri 2 Pasuruan

Question for my nominees:
  1. In your own opinion, what's the meaning about galau?
  2. Actually, what do you think about "kepo" people?
  3. If you get a reward ticket to abroad, which country do you wanna go? (tell me why)
  4. What do you think about your own life?
  5. What film that can make you cry too much? (mention one)
  6. Do you ever think you become a president? If yes, what will you change in the country that you lead? (mention three)
  7. If you aren't in good mood, what things that will you do?
  8. What's your opinion about boy or girl band Indonesia?
  9. Which one part of your body that you love it so much?
  10. If you were an hero of Indonesia, who would you like to be? (Tell me why)
  11. What's your hope for the future of Indonesia?

I nominated it for you guys! Good luck :*

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