Friday, July 18, 2014

Swirl Pink

After a long time I ain't hunt for many photos, yet now I come back to post some photos that have taken yesterday. Just a little hunting, but I really love it. And you know this is the first time I write my post in English! haha. Yeah I just wear my barbie black long dress, and jeans jacket for outter. Then I combine with a pink swirl headscarf. Its made a sweet looking, right? Hoho

Okay, I realized that I grew faaattt!! Omg :(( But its okay. I'm still healthy, Alkhamdulillah wkwkwk. Those photos was taken by my cousin as a photographer. Actually we want take them in the town center, but unfortunately, when we take place the mmc was leaved at home --" hhhhffffhhh.... and finally, we came home, and didn't do anything there. So, where these photos taken in? Haha, I take them in the balkon of my house. I think not bad for a simple photoshoot.

Take some photos just my hobby. It isn't mean if I have a passion in modeling. NO. I just love the way I pose and someone take the photos of me, hehehe. I think I'm too fat to be a model --" the most passion that I have is sing a song or writing about something happen around me. And take a photo or pose in front of the camera is my hobby that depends on my mood. Hihi :D but actually, I love all the things I do. Really love them. It just about passion and ambition.

Pray for Gaza O:)

My friends and family there, please stay strong.
Allah never leave you alone.
Allah always stay in your side.
Don't give up for everything.
I'm sorry if I just can do a little thing like this.
But I love you so much,
and I'll always pray for you...
Allah bless you, aamiin..

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